Why choose LED Light Bulbs

With the phasing out of inefficient incandescent light bulbs in Europe, Australia and the USA, New Zealand is expected to follow shortly.

Enerx light bulbs have the latest LED chip technology making them 1½ times brighter than other cheap LED bulbs on the market. They have a life expectancy of 25,000 hours or 20 years. The extremely long life of an enerx LED bulb will virtually eliminate your maintenance costs.

Each LED light bulb has its own inbuilt driver which delivers a perfect voltage to the LED chip. This enables them to last a lot longer and not be affected by power fluctuations which are typical in rural areas. They are made of superior SMD LED components and purity aluminium material which gives them excellent heat management. They also have a fireproof grade UL94-V0, PBT plastic base.

Each LED bulb is certified to New Zealand and European standards and carries the C-Tick mark.

  • Latest LED light technology
  • Compact in size
  • Only use 12% of the energy of a compatible incandescent bulb.
  • Enerx bulbs contain NO Toxic or Dangerous substances.
  • Transmit NO infrared or UV radiation.
  • Come in array of sizes.
  • 9 watt (75w bulb) and 12 watt (100w bulb).
  • Each size bulb comes in two colours with either Bayonet Cap or Edison Screw bases.