10-watt PIR Sensor Bulb

Perfect for hallways, entrances, lobbies, rest homes and garages where security and safety is required or where inaccessible switches are present.

The enerx 10-watt LED PIR sensor bulb is a unique lamp with an inbuilt motion sensor. It uses PIR intelligent control to detect body movement up to five meters away. Automatic night time only operation is achieved by the built in photo switch.

It has good thermal management with energy saying of 80% over equivalent incandescent bulb.

It gives out a nice warm colour of 810 (75W) lumens and contain NO Mercury, Toxic or dangerous substances. They transmit NO infrared or UV radiation.

Each enerx 10-watt PIR sensor bulb is available with an Edison Screw and Bayonet Cap base. 




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enerx 10-watt LED Sensor Bulb

The enrx 10-watt LED PIR sensor bulb is a unique lamp with an inbuilt motion sensor. It has an external sensor dome that detect moving objects.
The bulb detects human body temperature through infrared pyroelectric sensor.It also has an inbuilt daylight sensor to disable daytime operation.
With an output of 810 (75W) lumens, this lamp will give you a safe and bright warm white light.
Great security as they look like an ordinary lamp. It has high quality LED chips, No flickering to protect eyes; High colour rendering, low light decay, power saving, durable and long service life.


Please read this maual carefully before using this lamp in order to operate it correctly. This is a new energy saving lamp and is replacing a traditional incandedcent or CFL lamp.


Light automatically powers on lamp when motion is detected for an initial 45 seconds. After initial 45 seconds, if motion is still detected, on period extends by another 45 second intervals'. Motion detection range is 5 meters at 120° from centre of radar sensor. When detection ceases, time delay will continue for 45 seconds, then turn lamp off automatically. Built in day light sensor disables automatic operation when light level is above 5 Lux.

Before Installation

Be sure power is OFF to light circuit before replacing lamp. Do not install above 4.5 meters from floor. Allow old incandescent or CFL lamps to cool before removing. Do not install in areas with contact with rain.


Install new LED PIR sensor bulb into light socket. Do not over tighten when screwing lamp into edison screw socket.

Lamp will light for 30 seconds and then convert to standby mode if daylight is detected. if more then one bulb is on the switch circuit it is recommended replacing all bulbs with PIR sensor lamps.


 10-watt Sensor Bulb

Ac input Voltage  AC 100-265v 50Hz
Power dissipation  10.0 watts
 Luminous flux  810 Lumens
 Colour Temperature  3000k
 Lighting Source  SMD 2835
 Beam Angle  120°
 CRI  ≥80
 Sensor Type  PIR + Light Sensor
 Light Sensor  <20lux
 Induction Distance  5-8M
Dimmable No
 Time Delay 30 seconds 
 Base Edison Screw (E27) or Bayonet Cap (B22)
 Lifespan  30,000hrs
 Warrenty  2 Years
 Dimensions  Ø60 x 110mm
 Part No:  EX-BCSB10WW          EX-ESSB10WW







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